1. Take a picture.

To generate your picture into a 60 x 60 stitch pattern, the image is going to be dramatically reduced in size, losing much of the detail. There are a few things you can do to make your pattern easier in design and stitchwork for the Pandemic Views project:

a. If possible, set the camera to take a square picture. Otherwise it will be cropped square.

b. To simplify your image, take a pictures without figures in the landscape.

c. Upload this image on the submit page and fill out the participate form.

d. We will design a pattern generated from your image and email it to you.

2. This project requires supplies.

a. Needlecraft canvas (aka Aida cloth). We used 14 count, thats 14 x-stitches per inch. Your 60 x 60 stitch pattern will end up around 4 x 4 inches.

b. Sewing scissors are good for trimming embroidery thread.

c. Embroidery needle. This has a wider hole than a typical needle for embroidery thread, with a blunt end.

d. Embroidery thread. There a range of styles and materials. Use colors from your stash or purchase palette according to pattern

e. Need supplies? Let us know, we may be able postmail you some.

3. Cross-stitch, simple and fun and easy with a few tips

a. Split your embroidery thread into a 3 ply bunch.

b. Cut the length of your thread to about 10 inches. A shorter thread won't get tangled.

c. Anchor your loose end under your needlework on the back. Snip and cut loose ends as you go.

4. Take a digital image of your work and mail it to

a. Any needlework finished or unfinished emailed to us before August 23 can be featured in the zine.

b. Any needlework finished or unfinished can be on view on the website after August.

Questions? contact: