Pandemic Views

This project draws on the tradition of needlecraft as a pastime during quarantine. For over a century, needlework has been widely practiced in domestic spaces, sanatoria and health centers to combat idleness during times of uncertainty. This collective project documents views from the pandemic in cross-stitch, as numerous people shelter inside.

Through a web based submission, participants provide their name, location, and a digital photo of their view to be cross-stitched. A pattern will be generated with microRevolt’s freeware knitPro, returned to the applicant to begin needlework on a 14 point canvas (approx 4 x 4 inches). The finished work is photographed and exhibited on this website.


Needlework by Erika Lopez Torres, Moreno Valley, CA
Needlework by Shauna Kelly, Mansfield, MA
Needlework by Yessica Guzman, Charlestown, MA
Needlework by Jack Tillman, Watertown, MA
Needlework by Katie Williams, Concord, MA
Needlework by Aidee Yanez Gaitan, Mexico City, MEX

Current Participants in-progress