Pandemic Views
August 2020

During August Pandemic Views was a Special Project of AREA CODE Art Fair. Participants cross-stitched their views from various locations. Some of the in-progress needlework is featured below as well as in a zine. The project was led by research into 19th and early 20th century craft practices during quarantine against Tuberculosis, before there was an effective medication for this infectious and airborne disease. See this video for more information on the project concept.

Pandemic Views will remain open to participants during the COVID19 pandemic, and we will publish documentation of the needlework as it comes in.

Needlework by Cindy Bazzano, Port St Lucie, Florida

Needlework by Danya Sherman, Somerville, Massachusetts

Emily Fleischer, Indianapolis, Indiana

Gwen Vitti, Walton, NY

Jen Mergel, Quincy, Massachusetts

Kerry Gilley, Portland, Oregon

Le Huong Huynh, Everett, Massachusetts

Margaret Bellafiore, Weymouth, Massachusetts

Maria Gonzalez, Brighton, Massachusetts

Marie von Kampen, Brookline, Massachusetts

Robyn Wade, Lexington, Kentucky

Stacey Sloboda, Arlington, Massachusetts

Stephanie Silvi, Wayland, Massachusetts

Special thanks: Ellen Tani, Marla McLeod, Jen Mergel, Remy Hunter.